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Features & Limits

DataGridXL is an excellent editable data grid

DataGridXL excels at displaying large editable data sets. It implements keyboard, mouse and touch controls that are familiar to Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheet users.

DataGridXL outperforms similar components not in the amount of fancy features, but in performance & reliability.

DataGridXL is not a table component

DataGridXL does not support column or row spans. It also does not offer fancy markup options (like images, font colors and styles). DataGridXL does not have any built-in column sorting or pagination. Don't choose DataGridXL if you want to display a pretty table with sorting options built-in.

DataGridXL is not a spreadsheet component

DataGridXL does not offer common spreadsheet features like merged cells, formulas or pivot-tables. If you're trying to build a Microsoft Excel of Google Spreadsheets competitor (we wouldn't really recommend trying it), this is not the right tool for you.

Table of Features

Feature DataGridXL
Performance & Usability
Smooth Scrolling ✔ YES
Familiar Keyboard and Mouse controls ✔ YES
Familiar Touch controls ✔ YES
Reorder Columns ✔ YES
Reorder Rows ✔ YES
Add/Remove Columns ✔ YES
Add/Remove Rows ✔ YES
Resize Columns ✔ YES
Resize/Multiline Rows NO
Freeze Columns NO
Freeze Rows NO
Spreadsheet Features
Merged Cells NO
Formulas NO
Pivot Tables NO
Non-contiguous cell selection NO
Table Features
Column Sorting YES
Built-in Pagination NO
Row Or Column Spanning NO
Images or HTML markup in cells NO

Yes, that's quite a lot of things that our grid can or will not do. Ask yourself whether you need the fancy features. If you need a performant & reliable data grid with no fluff, we think there's no better choice than DataGridXL. compares many spreadsheet, table and grid components. (We just want you to make the right choice, alright?)

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